Specialized Expertise

A Grounded Perspective on Investing

There is a purpose behind every portfolio, and fulfilling that purpose without taking on unnecessary risk is the kind of performance we work towards. For many investors, this may be a refreshing concept.

It’s our belief that investment expertise isn’t about having a crystal ball; it’s about customizing a strategy around all your needs and goals to find the right balance of growth, preservation strategies and distribution and to manage your strategy according to your ongoing needs. This shift in mentality is fundamental to our approach, and it’s become our mission to introduce it to the benefit of everyone we work with.


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We want to focus on what we can control, while helping our clients pursue their objectives. From here we have grown to a multifaceted team with a number of exclusive services and specialized processes.



Focus On What We Can Control

Custom Strategic Plans

We always choose plans over predictions. We help each client define individual performance goals, and we design strategic plans to help pursue your goals for growth, protection and distribution. We then actively manage your strategic plan in order to keep up with changing needs and lifestyles.

Wealth Preservation Strategies

It’s very common to see portfolios built on actively and passively managed investments, but we believe this is only part of a well-constructed portfolio. Just as vital to reaching your goals, and just as instrumental in supporting growth over time, is the wealth preservation component of your investment strategy – so we include preservation strategies that are aligned with your risk tolerance.

Quantify Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is more than a personal attitude toward volatility. Through an advanced risk assessment tool that is based in a mathematical process, we’re able to quantify your risk tolerance and align it with your portfolio.

Exclusive Strategies

Northcoast Investment Compass strategies seek to limit the impact of downside risk, while capturing growth during market upswings. Exclusive to Northcoast clients, each strategy includes six risk tolerance options and a disciplined, research-driven process.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Tax-Efficiency Process

Tax can compromise what initially looks like strong performance. That’s why tax considerations are an integrated part of every client’s strategic plan. We consider your allocation, investment vehicles, and retirement accounts, and withdrawal strategies in seeking to help mitigate the impact of tax on your wealth.

Full Transparency

There’s a reason for everything we do and we take the time to share that rationale with you. As financial advisors held to the fiduciary standard within an independent firm, it’s not only our methodology that is transparent, but also our compensation and portfolio design process.